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Are you ready to start your career as a real estate agent in Utah? Look no further than Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Momentum.

Whether you're just starting out or looking for a new opportunity, our goal is to help agents build successful businesses that in turn help their clients buy/sell real estate.

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Our Past

Better Homes & Gardens® has been a trusted source of inspiration and knowledge for generations of Americans. From the first magazine published in 1922, the brand has grown to include a wide range of products and services, all focused on helping people make their homes beautiful and functional.

Our Present

BHGRE® Momentum agents are able to provide a full range of services to home buyers and sellers across Utah. From market updates and design tips to expert guidance on the home buying and selling process, BHGRE agents are uniquely equipped to help people navigate the complex world of real estate.

Our Future

With a focus on innovative technology and a commitment to providing the best possible service to clients, BHGRE is well-positioned to remain a leader in the real estate industry for many years to come.

Our Values

Our core beliefs guide our every endeavor. We've forged a culture built on the principles of passion, authenticity, inclusion, growth, and excellence. As you navigate our space, discover the values that mold our identity, inspire our actions, and define our purpose.

  • Passion

    to inspire others through perseverance and resilience
  • Authenticity

    being exactly who we claim to be
  • Inclusion

    being inclusive of people and ideas

  • Growth

    pushing beyond one's comfort zone
  • Excellence

    to consistently exceed expectations

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BHGRE strikes the perfect balance between a well-known brand and a personal touch - they focus on providing top-notch experiences for both agents and clients, never reducing them to mere statistics.

Kim Fish

Realtor, Midvale Office

Having been at other brokerages, I can truly attest to three main distinguishing factors: Aaron cares & goes above and beyond in your professional and personal career and goals. Response time! someone always responds to answer and clarify, right away. The Hotline‘s, the emails and texts. I have had a broker that would take 24 to 48 hours to respond to me, and often I had to seek answers elsewhere. Open to feedback! At a lot of larger brokerages, it is so establish that feedback is very rarely requested or received. A smaller brokerages, there’s less desire to develop you, so there really isn’t a lot of investment into you and your career.

Jennifer Lambert

Realtor, Pleasant Grove Office

I just came over recently and I will say. I came for Aaron, he seemed like a magical real estate Buddha.. My experience so far has very much been one of ‘underpromise and over deliver’ and I say that referring to the onboarding, the outreach, the calendar of events! The staff is well coordinated and I appreciate very much that there has been ZERO ego among other agents.

Payton Parnegg

Realtor, Ogden Office

I recently signed with BHG. I interviewed with 7 different brokerages. I truly made the right decision. The biggest deciding factor was their onboarding, education, and mentorship. It by far exceeded the other companies! As I started my first week It was confirmed that I made the right decision.

Krissi Wing

Realtor, Pleasant Grove Office

The passion, work ethic, knowledge and kindness that is shown by Aaron Drussel. The outstanding staff that genuinely cares about the agents. I was with a “big box” brokerage for over 20 years and left because I was just a “number” to them. They didn’t care about “you” the agent, they only cared about the “money” you brought to them... Don’t settle for being “just a number”. You are worth so much more.

Melanie Lilyquist

Realtor, Midvale Office

I joined before we were Momentum, and joined the other BHGRE brokerage up north. I was hesitant when I heard we were merging brokerages. I have been pleasantly surprised. We managed to maintain the positive atmosphere that I really liked. We have really good people here who are successful without being abrasive, rude, or dismissive. It is easy to get help when you need it. We also gained really high quality training. I like that we can opt in to quarterly client events that are much better than what I would end up doing by myself. The ability to work out of multiple offices, and meet clients in them is awesome!

Rick George

Realtor, Kaysville Office

The people. Hands down. Genuine, kind, collaborative, humble - you won’t find better people anywhere!

Sandra Llyod

Realtor & Staff, Pleasant Grove Office

I love Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Momentum! There are several reasons why people find this real estate agency appealing. One of the main reasons is their commitment to providing a personalized and professional experience for their clients. Whether you're buying or selling a property, they take the time to understand your unique needs and work diligently to meet them.

Kyle Law

Realtor, Kaysville Office